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150 metres wide and 23 metres high water flows over the falls at an average of 750 m3 per second.The wild spectacle of the Rhine hurtling over the rocks attracts hundres of thousands of sightseers every year.

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Explore the beauty of this river landscape and the picturesque towns and villages lining its banks, a number of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Go for a stroll or a bike ride along the cycling route following the course of the Rhine.

Its facilities stretch over 28 kilometres making it the fourth largest port in the world and the largest in Europe.

Alongside Le Havre in France, Rotterdam's deep water "Europoort" is the only port in Europe capable of accommodating supertankers and their cargo of 400,000 tons of fuel.

Boat rides enable visitors to get even closer to the falls. To meet shipping, agricultural and power generation requirements, weirs and hydraulic plants have been built on the River Rhine.

These often create obstacles difficult for migrating fish to overcome on their way to their spawning ground.Overlooking the lower part of Lake Constance, the Arenenberg castle was the main residence of the former Queen Hortense of Holland and her son, Prince Louis Napoleon, future Napoleon III, who spent his adolescence in this castle while studying at Augsburg, Bavaria.Beneath its appearance as a country manor, the Arenenberg castle does not give any clues as to the treasures hidden within.To enable them to reach the Rhine basin, Germany and France signed an agreement in 1997 to construct fish ladders at the hydro-electric plants in Iffezheim and Gambsheim.The Gambsheim fish ladder, opened in 2006, is the largest in Europe.Welcome to the Eurovelo 15 website - the Rhine Cycle Route A symbol of French-German reconciliation and European unity, Strasbourg is considered to be the capital of Europe due to the presence of several European Union and other institutions in the city.

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