Dating websites handicapped people

The big kicker here is how they use veterans using their GI Bill, they will re certify you for an entire year of these expensive non learning courses then overcharge you for "digital " books you never use, h and with all these campuses they have no internal bursar so any bill you do incur (although using 0 Gi Bill you shouldn't) they send it directly to a credit collection agency.

I got a call from a collection agency before I got a bill from argosy. I'm being given that don't pertain to my field, I wish I never did this already up $ 33.0000 it's crazy I can't wait to get away from this school if you 50 plus years and slow learner like me think twice I had a good experience at Argosy while completing by classwork but when I was working on my Proposal for my Dissertation it became a nightmare.

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It is an absolute nightmare of lies, disorganization and lack of responsibility on the part of Argosy.

I am currently writing chapter 4 and 5 and hope to final defend in December 2016.

I don't know how other campuses are but the dean, president, whoever else they have here was horrible. If you live in Atlanta Ga do not wasted your money or time.

I am a doctoral candidate in the College of Business at Argosy Online.

The financial aid process needs a complete overhaul - nothing is timely there either.

You have to fight the entire time through this program to hold THEM accountable for what THEY are supposed to be doing to assist YOU in graduating from the program.However, I don't know because I don't trust them at all.I cannot recommend this school to anyone - and if you do enroll, you are doing so at your own risk.If you do not meet the deliverables for a block - you must be enrolled in an extension.Most of the time it is not the student that is the problem - but the school and the committee, either not communicating, disappearing, or taking over 2 to 3 weeks to respond to your submitted work.MBA (14) Master's Degree in Psychology with a Counseling specialty (36) MA of Forensic Psychology (24) M. Educational Leadership (6) Masters of Science in Health Service Management (2) Doctoral Programs: Ed.

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