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The men are clearly encouraging the animals to fight and are shouting at the ferret, willing it on to attack the rat.

“The rat is frantically trying to escape, climbing the bars of the hutch and looking for a way out.

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Cartoon icon Peppa Pig has been banned from a Chinese video app after being deemed a subversive icon. Well, the cartoon has proven popular among Chinese children ever since it launched in the country in 2015, though it has also gained traction among adults and made its way into countercultural memes.

More than 30,000 videos of the popular kids' character have been removed from the app Douyin alongside the hashtag #Peppa Pig, the state-run Why?

“It appears the ferret wasn’t interested at all,” said Mr Wyatt.

“Voices could be heard encouraging the animals to fight and the cage they were in was tilted causing the ferret to be tipped onto the rat.

But now the Diocese of Bristol - which is in charge of Anglican churches in the area - has said he should not do any more work in the grounds, which are a mile-and-a-half away from St Mark Redcliffe Church itself on the city’s Bath Road.

In a statement the diocese said: 'Mr Jackson has been advised that, although he is welcome to look after the graves and memorials of his relatives, as a matter of ecclesiastical law, no works should be carried out on other graves and memorials or parts of the cemetery and chapel without a ‘faculty’ from the Diocesan Chancellor.

“Photographs and text messages on the phone indicated he was still involved with dogs despite the ban,” said Mr Wyatt.

“When the dogs were found at his home the RSPCA inspector also found lamps, trackers and locaters and a prescription for medication for a dog in Varey’s name.” Nick Cassidy, defending, said his client’s peer group had strong links with animals and he accepted there had been occasions when he had been out with others running dogs.

Howard Lewin, 50, of Dickson Street, Colne, also appeared alongside Varey at court last month where he pleaded guilty to attempting to cause an animal fight, being present at an animal fight, and causing unnecessary suffering to a ferret and rat. RSPCA special investigation officer, Jason Bowles, said: “We were alerted to a really disturbing video that had been posted on Varey’s Facebook page.

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