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Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and is located in the middle of the country.It’s famous for its Roman ruins and historical churches.I had a lot of fun wandering the streets, meandering through the big central park, and sunning myself at the beach.

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Bulgaria turned out to be one of my favorite countries in the world.

I went with few expectations and was blown away by the country’s affordability, amiable locals, incredible history, scenery, beaches, and nightlife. The country has a long history and it’s location in the world has ensured that is has been a gateway for European and Turkish culture. As you roam the country, you’ll see Roman ruins, stunning Black Sea beaches, incredible forests, and medieval cities.

One of the famous European Long Distance Routes (E3) follows its main ridge all the way from the western border of the country to the seaside.

One of the three national parks in Bulgaria, Central Balkan National Park, is situated here.

It’s not a great beach location, but the area used to serve as the summer residence for the Queen of Romania.

You can tour her palace and the botanical gardens which lie on the grounds.

The Marvelous Bridges are natural marble bridges that were formed by erosion in the Rhodope Mountains.

The two bridges can be crossed on secure trails, and two tourist huts are located nearby.

A large outdoor sculpture park contains everything from the giant statue of Lenin that once stood in the center of the city, to the red star that topped the socialist party headquarters.

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