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The Alpha-Male: consists of the greatest part of the male population.

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Women view this as insecurity and the indecisiveness.

To attract a woman, you need to: If you’re noticeably nervous and anxious around her, she will be more likely to pity you than go home with you.

For the ladies, let's see what the market offers and who to target.

For starters, the alpha-male is most likely to be the Elite Daily reader and the beta-male is the non-Elite Daily reader.

Basically Darwinism and the “Survival of the fittest”.

In the animal kingdom, Alpha gets to be the first to pick the female in the group (sometimes he has the right to all females). When speaking of humans, the traits are there as well but more subtle; Alphas have a strong self-esteem, work in top positions and get to date the most desirable girls.: Anything Jay-ZAlpha-Male Pros: Alpha males see it their duty to serve and protect, therefore a woman will at least have the perception of being safe.

Beta is refined and emotional, compared to his animalistic counterpart. Betas also have puppy eyes, which some girls find irresistible. Beta can be coward, as he is reluctant to taking risks.

Betas don't prioritize the gym, and go to the library, computer store or Yoga-centre instead.

If you think you might not be alpha, these seven traits may be turning her off.

READ MORE: 8 Sure Signs That a Girl Likes You Lack of confidence is the number one beta male trait that will turn a woman off. If you’re unsure of yourself and your abilities, you cannot give her what she needs.

They do not understand different layers of language or subtle messages, and in most cases master only 1 or 2 languages.

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