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When you belong to two distinctive groups — and two marginalized groups, at that — these distinct qualities weave and intersect even as they operate on parallel tracks within the dating scene.“Existing as black, queer and transgender people can be isolating and sometimes traumatizing experiences,” said Dr.

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“To be in a community that looks like you, that loves like you — it can be so affirming.

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“But when queer and black, there may not be that same access to community.

For a lot of folk, building community and just having safe spaces to explore their identity can be kind of challenging.“Although Chicago has a wide variety of neighborhoods that might be affirming or inclusive of queer folk, what I’ve found and what a lot of my clients talk about is a lot of spaces can feel pretty white.” Spaces like Boystown.“I think people are a tad more accepting to the white gay community,” said Max Haywood, a 26-year-old pastry cook.

While dating apps have offered a convenient way to meet potential partners, Haywood said he encounters online a lot of men who are self-conscious about their sexuality.“Whether feminine or masculine, some are intimidated and don’t feel comfortable being themselves,” he said.

“On dating apps, you meet guys who are on the down low or discreet and not really out on the scene.”Simmons agrees it might be easier for those who are black, queer and looking for love to form connections — especially those of a sexual nature — using a dating app, but she cautions against making assumptions about a person’s queer identity or labeling them as on the down low.“It’s gotten so controversial and complicated over time because it implies that if you are not out to certain folks or not like living in a way that people can readily identify you as gay or bi or queer, then you are somehow on the down low, keeping a secret,” she said.

Go through and decide who you want to be allowed to see each section.

This is extremely personal information like phone numbers, addresses, emails, IM's, birthday and more.

She says people who grow up queer lack models of behavior because they are exposed to socialization that focuses on dating while straight.“A young heterosexual person can go up to a crush and express that crush and talk about it with family,” Simmons said.

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