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How to Be a Player To be a ‘player’ and to be highly successful with women you simply need to be confident in yourself and to approach lots of women.

At the same time you will awaken the competitive urges of the woman you’re trying to impress and she’ll feel the need to get your attention or get you alone before one of her friends does.

Offer Her a Drink: When the time is right and you’ve been chatting for a while offer the girl you like a drink (i.e. This sends out a strong signal that it is indeed her you’re interested in and by accepting the drink or turning it down she is essentially letting you know if she is reciprocating the feeling.

This makes you come across as a bit shy, so what you should do instead is to chat to all of them equally and involve the whole group.

This way you will seem charming and fun and confident.

That said there are some ways you can make the process easier if you’re the nervous type, and by following the following tips you can come across as confident and charming without actually needing to put yourself out on a limb much at all.

Make Eye Contact: One way you can do this is by making eye contact from across the room, and by doing this in a smart way you can demonstrate interest without having to approach her in person.

However what’s often missed out is that this is also a hard thing on men in many ways – simply because there are such great expectations there and no man is always going to be able to meet them.

Being a player is a good thing in the world of male egos and machismo, and it follows that not being able to attract many women and not having much sex makes you uncool.

This basically says you’ve looked her up and down and approve, and leaves her in no doubt that you’re interested. Smile: Smile is underrated and we don’t do it enough these days.

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