Dating someone in recovery drug addiction

This list has been compiled from 13 years of personal experience watching my close family member struggle with the darkest moments of addiction.

Many times I asked and prodded to get answers from my sister who was addicted to drugs.

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In fact, multiple surveys have revealed that marijuana and prescription painkillers like Vicodin are more accessible to high schoolers than alcohol or cigarettes.

A closer look at the numbers reveals just how widespread the problem is in the United States.

By: Nate Blair (Jennifer’s brother) This article can be found on – 9 Reasons Why People Use Drugs and Alcohol.

As scary as the truth might be, there’s just no getting around the fact that drug abuse is prevalent in our communities, especially among our youth.

Individuals with a family history of drug or alcohol abuse are far more likely to develop an addiction than an individual with no family background of addiction. People in this age bracket generally don’t have bills, jobs and all the stresses that go along with adulthood.

So it’s easier to become bored and want to try something new and exciting. Our modern world is full of new strains and stresses that humans have never experienced in the past.Therefore an addict may not fully understand what a sober person can.So most of my analysis came from observing her behaviors.Drugs or alcohol can temporarily make that person feel ‘normal’ again, like they remember feeling in the past.Mental illness is scary for the individual experiencing it, so they are afraid to go to a doctor or family member for help and instead turn to drugs or alcohol to try and solve the problem on their own. People see family members, friends, role models or entertainers using drugs and rationalize that they can too.As teenagers and young adults, it’s very easy to think that drug and alcohol use can be handled and controlled, especially if they see others they know doing the same thing.

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