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This comes after Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia declared states of emergency where authorities had to rescue people from homes and vehicles.Severe winds and flooding have left two million people without power as of Saturday afternoon, and officials in parts of Massachusetts warn it could take days or weeks to recover.

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Another motorist was killed near Stamford, Connecticut after a tree fell on a car, state police said.

In Baltimore, officials confirmed the death of a woman, 77, who was struck by a large tree branch and pronounced dead at the scene.

In Chester, Virginia, six-year-old Anthony Hamilton was killed after a tree crashed into his home while he was asleep in the top bunk.

An 11-year-old boy in Putnam, New York, was killed when a tree fell onto a home and Shawn Gregory Walker died when a tree crashed into the car he was traveling in.

Another storm is forming, though, and is expected to hit parts of Florida on Tuesday before moving upward towards the North East on Wednesday into Thursday.

Heavy rainfall and snow mixtures are anticipated while the winds should be less severe than what was experienced during Storm Riley.

Voluntary evacuation orders are in place across coastal Massachusetts.

with sleet and heavy snow Tuesday, crippling much of the Washington-to-Boston corridor after a stretch of unusually mild winter weather that had people thinking spring was already here.

Florida and parts of the Caribbean should expect high surf tides from the slow moving storm as it continues to churn out towards the Atlantic Ocean.

These tides could continue into early next week and cause flooding in areas along the coast of Florida.

In Massachusetts, coastal flooding drowned the city of Boston and inundated its surrounding suburbs.

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