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Happy (soon to be) Mustache May and stay tuned for some great feature interviews this May!Also, send us some of your stache photos and we will post ’em in support!It seems like there are 10 different sites all with different origins and different mustachioed folks at the helm…Oh, and did I mention the parties or “stache bashes,” as some of the more seasoned refer to them as? Some organizations throw an opening party to kick off the month, some throw an opener and closer but all for sure throw a final send off in celebration of the wicked cookie duster we will all inevitably find our noses nesting in come the end of Mustache May.

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They are a fun site that seems to have a lot of daily/weekly events going on.

By all means hang and register with the good-time boys and start your own pledge page at So now you are hip and happening again thanks to the staff of HTGAM, where our staches stand upright while our ears are pressed to the ground!

These blades are made to fit a horde of standard razors.

For those using Schick injector razors, a 1935 razor will be compatible with a 2017 blade and vice versa.

Like other blades from Schick, the Schi2514 is designed with a smooth surface and each blade is highly sharp.

The blades are made of high quality stainless steel, each electronically metalized.

It seems everyone knows a different Mustache/Moustache May.

If Moustache May were to die tomorrow and we were all to show up at the funeral, no one attending would think anyone else there ever truly knew Ol’ MM.

Browse our large selection of high-quality new & vintage razors, shaving products, and accessories that we have hand-selected for their quality to insure that you have the best shaving experience from the start.

Specializing in vintage shaving gear, you can shop with ease for professionally restored and sanitized razors that have been adjusted, photographed in high-resolution and arrive Shave-Ready.

On any single day, there are different Schick Injector Razor models circulating the market.

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