Dating phone etiquette for women

It is considered good manners to arrive 15 to 30 minutes late.

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Especially on long train journeys, Indian families will be carrying heaps of food and will invite you to have some.

Even when only 2 people are dining in a restaurant it is customary to order two different dishes and in keeping with Indian etiquette, share the dishes between you.

They see their contribution to be - making the guest feel at home in terms of the food they cook [or cooked under their supervision].

Appreciating and praising the food are considered proper etiquette, since it is a compliment to the lady of the house.

While sharing is an important part of Indian etiquette, it is poor and offensive etiquette to share a fork or spoon or to drink from someone’s glass.

This also applies to taking a bite of someone else’s sandwich, ice cream or chocolate too. It is not difficult to eat with your fingers, but there are a few rules of Indian etiquette that have to be observed: 1. Remember you are eating with your hands and your right hand will be messy, therefore you will leave the serving spoon all sticky and messy too. Ask for whatever you want instead of reaching out directly or pointing at dishes. Don’t make too much noise; don’t talk with food in your mouth. Wait until everyone else is sitting down before starting to eat. Help clear the dishes, unless it is not acceptable in that particular custom. Don’t talk on your cell phone during the meal and if you must get up in-between, ask to be excused.

It is not good manners to say 'thank you' at the end of the meal. Invitations should be sent out early, and follow up phone calls should be made close to the day of the event.

This is considered as an inappropriate and impersonal gesture. In Western etiquette this would be considered extremely bad mannered, but be prepared for the fact that your guests will more than likely be late, since arriving punctually for a social invitation is considered bad manners in India.

However, if your host drinks and keeps drinks at home, a bottle of whisky or wine is an acceptable gift. Since many Hindus are vegetarians, and part of a dead animal would definitely be an unsuitable gift.

Social & Family Etiquette Before entering an Indian family home, take off your shoes/sandals and leave them outside.

Drinking alcohol is culturally not accepted in most parts of India.

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