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Plagiarism is a common (and often misunderstood) problem that is often the result of a lack of knowledge and skills.

Our mission is to support the education community with a comprehensive set of resources to help students write with integrity.

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Read their success stories and discover how it could work for you, too.

It would be great if there were one definitive guide to dating.

e Harmony has brought together millions of singles who have gone on to have happy relationships.

If you have a success story of your own, we'd love to hear it!

Even the most jaded among us naturally want to look for the good in people.

So we let things slide or we tell ourselves that they’re just having an off day… Want to avoid getting close to a jerk in the future?

We think the dates our members go on should be amazing, memorable occasions.

Join e Harmony today and ensure your first meeting has that 'wow' moment.

In most cases, we miss some signs that the person would end up being terrible.

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