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· John shows us who Jesus is by highlighting seven signs (miracles) of Jesus.Six of these miracles are not mentioned in the first three gospels.

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” (John Chrysostom) This remarkable, profound portion is not merely a preface or an introduction. The remainder of John’s Gospel deals with the themes introduced here: the identity of the Word, life, light, regeneration, grace, truth, and the revelation of God the Father in Jesus the Son.).

John essentially wrote, “When the beginning began, the Word was already there.” The idea is that the Word existed before creation or even time. John makes it clear that the Word is not just the beginning, but it is the beginning of the beginning. John says, ‘No: for if we reach back to any beginning, there already was in existence the Word.’ At once it is evident to John’s vision ‘The Word’ is no other than God the self-existent.” (Trench) iii.

God the Father is a distinct Person from the Word (the Word was God). So, the Father and the Son (the Son is known here as the Word) are equally God, yet distinct in their Person.

The Father is not the Son, and the Son is not the Father.

· John shows us who Jesus is by allowing Jesus to speak for Himself in seven dramatic statements, which were not included in the first three gospels.

· John shows us who Jesus is by giving the testimony witnesses who testify about the identity of Jesus.Four of these witnesses speak in the first chapter alone. The Gospel of John has even helped scholarly skeptics to believe.The oldest surviving fragment of the New Testament is a portion of John 18, found in Egypt and dating well before a.d.This is one reason why John’s account of the life of Jesus is in many ways different from Matthew, Mark, and Luke. There are significant events in the ministry of Jesus that Matthew, Mark, and Luke all include yet John leaves out, including: · Jesus’ birth · Jesus’ baptism · Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness · Confrontations with demons · Jesus teaching in parables · The Last Supper · The agony in Gethsemane · The Ascension c.The first three Gospels center on Jesus’ ministry in . Each of the Gospels emphasizes a different origin of Jesus.He could reckon on all men catching his essential meaning.” (Morris) v.

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