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It's not a perfect setup for carrying a gun; sometimes it throws off her stride.

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We'd been arguing lately, even as we'd started making plans for where we'd live when college was over—and a few times, instead of bickering back at me, he'd just grown silent and We didn't stay together much longer after that; I wrote him a long letter and collected my things from his place, and I wish I could say that was the end of it.

A month later, I stood shivering in the doorway of my building at 3 A. in a bathrobe, telling a police officer why I'd called 911 from under my bedcovers to report a man standing on my back porch.

"I don't think you expect a mom toting a 5-year-old and a toddler to carry a gun in her purse," she said.

"But I wanted a safe and reliable way to know I could protect my family in the case of a threat."What kind of threat, exactly, does Uhan picture when she tucks her pistol into a handbag before leaving the house?

Our school would later initiate a no-contact order to help keep my ex-boyfriend out of my life until after we'd both graduated. Just about every woman's felt it at one point or another—that flicker of fear for her safety around angry men, and especially angry men with guns.

But there was damage already done: For two decades, I'd believed home was a place I could expect to feel safe, and that when someone said they loved me, it meant I wouldn't have to wonder if they'd harm me. And with good reason: Simply being female increases a person's risk of being stalked or sexually assaulted by someone of the opposite sex.

Because of the never-ending, one-sided battle between women's clothing and functional pockets, the bra has over the years become a repository for the small, important items women want with them at all times.

Which is why the bra of 42-year-old pharmacist Lola often contains a gun. Less than one inch thick, the 9 Shield is a matte black semi-automatic double-action pistol with an eight-round magazine (plus the ability to have a ninth bullet in the chamber).

Lola carries in every place it's legal to do so, whether that's in her bra or in a waist holster—which, in her home state of Florida, is just about everywhere except courthouses, schools, government buildings, airports, career centers, and post offices.

And it's her preference for the Flashbang Bra Holster that first caught my attention: Under her Internet nom de plume, "Lola Strange," Lola stars in an instructional (and delightful) You Tube video about her holster of choice.

Different states have different carrying laws, but when legally permitted, I carry one in my purse. If I am going to a large event, I would prefer to have it on me, and if I’m going somewhere that is not considered ‘the safest area,’ I like to have it on me there as well.” I didn't grow up around guns; as an adult, I've never liked them. But I have a distinct feeling that any fascination I ever had with guns—any faint arousal I'd felt as a teenager watching the hyper-violent action sequences of —disappeared one night in my early twenties.

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