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The current attitude seems to be; we don't care if you fail to appear for court as long as you leave the jurisdiction. Bail agents do their job because they like their job but they also perform their duties because they want to be successful at what they do, turn a profit, feed their family and be a functioning participant within their community. One of our local veteran bail agents in Indianapolis, Larry Wooden, recently coordinated the capture of a fugitive who was hiding 2000 miles a way in Northern California.

The courts have no qualms about keeping any cash bail deposited to help fund for whatever. The fugitive was taken into custody with the assistance of local law enforcement and a hold was placed on him for Marion County, Indiana.

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Dating mississippi directory guide job

In my view the alarming increase in violent crimes is due, in part, to the departure by many courts across the country from guaranteeing the appearance in court of criminal defendants with a bail bond.

They instead use release options designed to generate revenues for the court or the expand the use of taxpayer funded pretrial release bureaucracies with no obligation to deliver results.

Larry told me just last week that Marion County elected to not extradite this fugitive.

The backbone of justice is quickly becoming a limp noodle.

S Watch now on Stan Liza is a 40 year old woman who pretends to be 26 in order to get a job in the highly competitive publishing industry.

Now she has to make sure no one discovers her secret.

Household burglaries increased 14% in 2011 over 2010.

Property crimes also saw an increase of 11% year over year.

SCBAA meetings always seem to have 75 bail agents or more in attendance.

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