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Likewise, chief petty officers (E-7 to E-9) have a distinct leadership role, particularly within their assigned command.Both provide leadership not just within the direct chain of command, but for a broader spectrum of the Service.Romantic relationships between members are unacceptable when: Romantic relationships between chief petty officers (E-7/8/9) and junior enlisted personnel (E-4 and below) are unacceptable.

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(Does not involve conduct which violates the UCMJ.)(c) Unacceptable relationship: Inappropriate and not allowed under Service policy. The relationship must be terminated or otherwise resolved once recognized.(d) Prohibited relationship: Violates the UCMJ.

Resolution may be either administrative, punitive, or both as circumstances warrant.

Factors to consider in assessing the propriety of a relationship include:(a) Personal relationship: Non-intimate, non-romantic association between two or more people (of the same gender or not), such as occasional attendance at recreational or entertainment events (movies, ball games, concerts, etc.) or meals.

(Does not involve conduct which violates the UCMJ.)(b) Romantic relationship: Cross-gender sexual or amorous relationship.

Good leaders understand the privilege of holding rank requires exercising impartiality and objectivity.

Interpersonal relationships which raise even a perception of unfairness undermine good leadership and military discipline.While some situations are clearly discernible and appropriate action is easily identified, others are more complex and do not lend themselves to simple solutions.Evaluating interpersonal relationships requires sound judgment by all personnel.Relationships cross gender lines, can develop into romantic relationships, and even lead to marriage.A relationship, including marriage, does not violate Service policy unless the relationship or the members' conduct fails to meet the standards set by this section, standards of conduct set by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), or other regulations.Due to these broad leadership responsibilities, relationships involving officers or chief petty officers merit close attention.

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