Dating man with children

Be flexible and understanding and you'll be more content.

On the one hand, when we were in our early 20s, this was a little skivvy.

I could never understand what a recent college grad would have in common with someone I considered to be a parental figure.

The only time you should discuss his kids with him is if they do something unpleasant towards you, such as disrespecting you in any way.

In that case, be honest with him but let him deal with them directly.

Usually, her limit tips at the 10-year mark, but sometimes, she will make a concession for 15 or 20.

If his hair is aptly salt and peppered, she will even dip down to a solid five years older.If he asks for advice related to a situation with his kids, be as neutral as possible and make it clear to him that they're his kids and that, at the end of the day, he should be the one making these decisions.And never ever talk about the kids in front of them.Take baby steps and let them slowly open up to you as they get comfortable with having you in their lives.Being too full-on with the kids might also make your man regret his decision so play it cool.Be open to the possibility of having an 'instant' family You might not have planned to have kids so soon but when you date a man who has children, you have to be ready to be involved with more than just one person.

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