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The Philadelphia and Western Railroad was a high-speed, third rail-equipped, commuter-hauling interurban electric railroad operating in the western suburbs of the U. Part of the abandoned line within Radnor Township is now the Radnor Trail, a multi-use path or rail trail.

One of its lines is now SEPTA's Norristown High Speed Line; the other has been abandoned.

The line had to cross 12 highways, the main line of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Radnor, and ended in a single track steel bridge 3,800 feet (1,200 m) long into Norristown.

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Twenty-two wooden electric multiple-unit passenger cars and 2 full-baggage-configured MU's were built for the P&W by the St. Morris Branch, where they were modified and rewired for overhead AC operation.

The 12 cars that went to URR of SF had their bulkhead doors sealed and their MU capabilities removed, operating strictly as single-units.

The company experienced financial difficulties throughout much of its existence.

As noted above it defaulted on its bonds and was reorganized 5 years after founding.

Service is currently provided by a fleet of 26 Class N-5 cars that feature AC-induction propulsion, steerable axles, very large windows, comfortable seating, and are capable of 80 mph (130 km/h).

They were built by ABB Traction in 1992–1993 with their stainless steel bodies being built by SOREFAME which is a Portuguese Budd Company (Philadelphia) licensee.The park could accommodate 15,000 people and included 10 acres (4.047 ha) of rides, picnic grounds, and a lake with rowboats for rent.The park began losing money almost immediately after opening due to competition from other parks in Willow Grove, Chestnut Hill, and Washington Park.In 1916 Moody's rated the company's 50 year Gold First Mortgage Bonds due 1960 as "E," meaning there was "uncertain security as to principal...and a margin of safety over interest as small." The company was again reorganized as the Philadelphia and Western Railroad in 1946.The first train ran from 69th Street to Strafford on May 22, 1907.

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