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Home employees and firemen led or carried more than 120 others to safety.

Albert and Alfred Cade, seven-year-old twin boys; Christine Lenth, 80; Elizabeth Berch, 82; and Ida Albrecht, 85 were killed and Helene Kreutz, 90 was critically injured, suffering from shock and smoke inhalation. Smith of the Detroit Fire Department arson squad said the fire started in the basement laundry and he said that according to one of the boys at the orphanage, several boys had been playing with matches near a barrel of inflammable liquid. Esther Koch, supervisor of the younger boys, told police that she heard an explosion and a few minutes later saw Albert and Alfred Cade run from the basement with their clothes on fire.

Recognizing the critical need to bring water to the region, the separate sections of Riverview merged and in 1923, incorporated as the Village of Riverview.

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Firemen who had responded to three alarms, helped rescue people and confined the fire to the basement of the home. Instead, he is buried in Michigan Memorial Park in Flat Rock. Paul WO James Lee Paul, Warrant Officer James Lee Paul is listed on the Vietnam Veteran s Memorial as being from Riverview, but he is not buried in Ferndale Cemetery. Kenneth Earl Treadway, Lance Corporal, United States Marines is listed as being from Riverview on the Vietnam Veteran s Memorial, but he isn t buried in Ferndale Cemetery in Riverview.

Albert and Alfred Cade are buried in Ferndale Cemetery. Sidney Stephen Chapman Sidney Stephen Chapman was born on February 15, 1914, in Trimountain, Michigan, in Michigan s Upper Peninsula. He was killed on November 7, 1968 in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. He served as a 100B: Utility/Observation Helicopter Pilot in the United States Army and he died on February 5, 1971 in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. He died on October 21, 1967 in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam.

The United States Department of Defense installed Nike Missile site D- 54 in Riverview as part of a protective ring to around the automobile and steel industries in the Metro Detroit Area.

Both D-54 and D-51 were deactivated in February 1963 in favor of the newer Hercules Nike missile which had a longer range, requiring fewer missile sites to protect the same area.

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According to Gerald Perry, Riverview City historian and retired Director of the Riverview Department of Public Works, the newly elected Riverview village officials voted quickly to bring city water to the area.

Riverview remained a village until 1958, when motivated by rivalry with the adjacent city of Trenton, Riverview residents introduced petitions to become a city.

According to Clarence Burton in The City of Detroit Michigan, both Riverview and Trenton were created from the remnants of Monguagon Township, named after a Pottawatomi chief who lived along the Detroit River about Around 1812, white settlers began to arrive in the area and on April 27, 1827, the Michigan Territorial Legislature created nine townships including Monguagon.

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