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Do you want a one night stand or something more meaningful. Rule: If your Japanese person of interest (be it male or female) is rather attractive and dresses very stylishly, or a just little bit sexy or is the least bit ‘touchy feely’, then there is a very very good chance that he or she is ‘loose’ and is only looking for some casual sex.

Whether this is good or not depends on what you’re looking for.

Pat yourself on the back for killing two birds with one stone.

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“Although we can’t communicate, we love each other and that’s what’s important” If this is what you’re thinking then you are either a) completely blinded by love and are unable to see reality or b) have an IQ level of 30 and are in legally an imbecile.

Relationships like these rarely last long, and are usually short lived.

Another friend told me that while he was on exchange in Japan, he was talking to this really pretty girl a lot and no other guy would do that. I can’t imagine how many “dates” I’ve gone on then, and I made a HUGE faux pas then. You don’t make out with people at a club A Japanese guy friend was saying how if a girl or guy made out with a stranger at a club, he or she would be hated by the Japanese crowd.

Of course, a few exceptions are if the guy and girl have been friends for many, many years, but other than that, if you see just a guy and a girl having dinner at a restaurant or a cafe, they’re probably on a date.

Warning: Japanese men are known to be controlling and like subservient women.

So be aware of this early on and know very your partners temperament well before you even think about getting married.

Hanging out with only one guy can be considered a date I’ve heard from a few Chinese and Vietnamese friends that the statement above rings true for their cultures as well.

Later, he just cancelled, saying that it was bothersome with his other scheduled trip, and then this subject never came up again. I ended up making another faux pas by confusing the heck out of the Weird Guy. I’ve been told in Japan, however, that normally, people go on group outings and then later, if a guy is interested in you, he might try to get to know you better.

Unless both parties start industriously studying each others’ language and learn to communicate with each other the relationship will be over in less than a month.

How on Earth could you possibly think a relationship can grow, let along stay stable if both parties are not able to communicate? That’s around 100,000 people out of the 120,000,000 population, and you can bet a good deal of that .1% are not even Japanese.

My friend said he probably thought I was into him romantically . I was talking to the Feminine Girl about hugging and then she had told me that the Weird Guy had asked her why I had asked him for a hug. After, if he likes you, he will confess or there is a chance that there may be a few dates or so before that.

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