Dating in xiamen china

This does not look set to deter Sean Rad, founder and CEO of Tinder, who told CNBC that China was definitely a market he wanted to be in.

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Dating Device) "China is the market that I think about a lot.

Tinder, which has grown at a remarkable rate since its launch in September 2012, enables singletons to view pictures of potential matches in their area.

New York-based Jeremy Edwards, lead analyst at IBISWorld which produces market research on global dating services, said that Tinder's Facebook ties made China expansion plans difficult.

"Plus, most of the dating apps in China have been tailored for that market specifically," he told CNBC.

When both parties are interested they are matched and – crucially only then – given the ability to message each other.

Tinder would not reveal the total number of its users, but Rad would say that the app currently clocks up around 400 million profile ratings – known as swipes -- per day across the world, resulting in over 4.5 million matches.

Conrad Xiamen is a new luxury icon in the heart of Xiamen's burgeoning Siming Central Business District.

The hotel enjoys direct access to the shopping mall and is close to major corporations and popular attractions.

More information on the event will follow in the coming months.

The first question that almost every visitor has in mind before coming to Xiamen is: "Where can I shop for food?

Bustling shopping centers in Xiamen are largely concentrated around Zhongshan Lu, the railway station, and around ......

The CEO of mobile dating app Tinder has revealed plans to expand into China within a year -- a move that would involve a significant shift in strategy as the only way the product's users can get in touch is banned in the country.

The app works by showing users pictures of potential matches in their area.

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