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Checks, cash, credit card, e-checks and Internet transactions are all acceptable. After that your account will be forwarded to the Clinton County Treasurer for collection. For a 2% service charge, you may pay your bill in four installments.

The first payment is due to the Receiver, January 31st, with the remaining 3 monthly installments payable to the County Treasurer.

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Its other functions include collection processes, encompassing complete banking, record maintenance, mail and accounting functions.

The Tax Office is responsible for the collection of property and school taxes.

Upon request, we will be happy to furnish duplicate tax bills and receipts via mail, fax or you can print bills or receipts online by clicking the below link.

For the convenience of our Town residents, we offer several methods of paying taxes. Late penalty is 1% in the month of February, 2% in month of March, 3% in April, plus a $2 fee.

In addition, the office collects water and wastewater payments.

All powers and duties of this office, as well as collection procedures, are statutory and defined in the New York State Real Property Tax Law, except for water and wastewater collection, which is defined in Town Law.In return for us providing this free service to you, would you please take a minute to help others looking for free singles ads?It's simple, by clicking the twitter, google, and facebook share buttons below you'll promote to your friends and acquaintances. If you plan to contact the police officer to request a reduction (see #3 below), this must be done before you schedule a trial. Plead Guilty as Charged By pleading “Guilty” you waive your right to a trial at which the People of the State of New York, represented by the officer who issued the ticket, must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the offense alleged in the accusatory instrument.A Plea of Guilty will subject you to sentencing by the Judge to any legally authorized sentence.The Court Clerk’s Office is open Monday through Friday AM to PM. Communicate with the Appropriate Prosecutorial Office (Arresting Officer) Concerning an Alternative Disposition.

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