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Of these, the students of the Veda undergo initiation, kindle the sacred fire, study the Veda, and beg food in their own houses.

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Prabhabati, the daughter of Chandra Gupta II performed administrative duties in her kingdom.

Instances of women of the upper classes extending their phase of activities beyond the domestic circle are provided by the queen and queens regent in Kashmir, Rajasthan, Orissa and Andhra. In the work called Amarkosh written in the Gupta era names of the teachers and professors are there and they belonged to female sex.

While individual cases and experiences might differ, Indian culture is gradually becoming accepting of the prevalence of dating apps.

At the pace that things are changing, India is transforming into a land of open thought that is totally down with the fact that its younger generations are turning to bright white glow of their phones to find love on its own terms.

M, 1989, says "According to some scholars the positive constructions of femininity found in goddess imagery and in the related imagery of the virangana or heroic woman have created a cognitive framework, for Hindus to accept and accommodate powerful female figures like "Indira Gandhi and Phoolan Devi, The same would not have been possible in Western religious traditions " Even in the practice of Homa ( ritual involving fire, and offerings to fire), every mantra or Shloka is addressed to Swaha, the wife of Agni, instead of Agni himself.

Devi Bhagavata Purana: 9.43, says that all requests to Agni had to made through his wife only.

Idols of god and goddess were depicted with equal importance to both genders.

Separate temples were setup for goddesses, and within each temple, goddesses were treated and worshipped with as much care and devotion as the gods were.

With arranged marriages and the gamut of being set up being so prevalent and commonplace in Indian culture, modern dating apps would have been expected to take the hit and disappear from a growing market. Apps like Tinder are doing well, and for better or worse, they’re connecting people that wouldn’t otherwise see each other.

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