Dating in bolivia

We can be great guys but u girls need to make us know that u are not a "one more girl" if u do that, believe me we will respect u and we won't do all of the things that u girls say we do. i seen many opinions here and i can give you some clues about bolivian guys to avoid bad moments to remember.well bolivian guys can differ from state to state as we call here departments, so a guy from lapaz or cbba is called colla while a guy from santa cruz is called camba and it goes on from beni or pando....other pop names cuz the country now is a plurinational etnies united called bolivia, anyway...Don't discriminate all of us just because one stupid guy mistreated you.

I am an educated divorced Bolivian woman who had the chance to be in long relationships with both Bolivians and foreigners.

Sadly, I will always regret having ended a relationship with my Italian and then my Swedish boyfriend who said they loved me, especially the last one who asked me to live together in Sweden after finishing studying my master degree in Europe.

We Bolivians, have a duty to work, create, engineer more than any other culture because we are the chosen ones.

Hating, or speaking poorly of others only makes the community weaker.

Shit, i'm a bolivian woman that many people find charming, i get along with anyone and make friends easily, they say i'm fun and funny.

I was raised to be respected, to not let any man hit me, see.? So don't say "all" because that's just some people.First, there are good Bolivian men, but are so few, a so tiny part of the whole that it would really surprise you how few good, non cheaters, non liers, non heavy drinkers you might find here.Yes, I know a few good men but most are not like that, Bolivian men are not the most handsome, nor the tendernest, sweetest, open minded and healthiest people in world.So in this way you will not be an easy prey to a man used to "collect" girls as i.r.some male friends I had at university who used to get laid with Western girls on the weekend and then tell everybody how good their orgams was, what was the name of the "gringa" they so easily took to their bed and all the sex positions they had. Summarizing, Bolivian men are so MACHISTAS (chauvinist) and can be so misogynists to scare you to death.We must band together to share the strength of the love, respect, kindness,and ingenuity that only decendants of the condor/Inca, could muster!

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