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Faithful to the original blueprints and manufactured in exactly the same way as the original FANE speakers 40 years ago, a music legend is re-born!

The new FANE Guitar Speaker Factory in Wakefield UK Fast forward to the modern era and a new generation of guitarists are selecting FANE equipped Hiwatt for their unique tone.

He first used FANE in a big way in his Sound City amps but it was Hiwatt that really forged the FANE reputation.

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Dating hiwatt amps

Some of the old Floyd tunes, including Comfortably Numb, was performed similar to how they sounded during the 1984 About Face tour.

David was now in charge and he was free to do whatever he wanted with the material.

Fane's engineering and design talent has put extensive effort into developing a new family of finely crafted, purpose driven models that perfectly balance heritage with innovation and deliver the elusive qualities of high performance, exquisite tonality and consistent quality – qualities that coincide perfectly with the needs of today's players.

FANE GUITAR LOUDSPEAKERS History and Heritage FANE was founded in 1958 at the birth of rock and roll by Mr. The first two letters of their name formed the new brand: FANE.

In the early 1960s with the advent of electronically amplified musical instruments FANE took the decision to specialise in high quality loudspeaker manufacture.

In the early '60s FANE started supplying Selmer, Watkins/WEM and a little later to a young man, Dave Reeves, who went on to found Hiwatt.Prior to the tour, Gilmour and Mason won the rights to carry on with the band and name and while Waters toured smaller venues with his Radio Kaos, Pink Floyd played the stadium next door.Gilmour and Mason had a lot at stake, including their houses, and the success with Momentary and the tour was a matter of to be or not to be.By the early '80s FANE was probably the biggest speaker brand in Europe. Historic Batley factory: One of the Loudspeaker Assembly Floors FANE at that time were being run by Arthur Barnes who had started working at FANE in 1966 and worked through the ranks to become Managing Director.Barnes really drove the company forward and was responsible for its great success throughout that era.They equipped their cabinets with FANE and with it the signature to iconic British tone.

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