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In addition to that a tomboy has to be the submissive one.So if you want to be a sugar baby, make sure that you can fit into these criteria’s or not.

Your plans will be set according to what the dominant demands.

So, even if you have other plans with your friends, you just might have to change them according to their wish.

Stereotypes of a frustrated 'Mrs Robinson' or a gold-digging Brian Flannigan from the movie Cocktail have been replaced with stronger images of Hollywood A-listers including Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock and Sadie Frost.

This year, we've seen the toyboy theme powerfully explored by Courtney Cox in the hit US TV show, Cougar Town, and by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the new movie, The Rebound, which tells the story of her 40-year-old character falling for a 25-year-old babysitter.

"Many of our female members are youthful, attractive, independent and single well into their 40's, 50's and even 60's.

They certainly know what they want from life - and often this isn’t a guy of similar age with a thinning hair-line and a thickening waist-line.

Nick continues, "One of the most popular new features has been the introduction of an easy access chat room - this not only enables instant messaging and flirting as a way to 'break the ice' between guys and girls but many of the female members find the room is a great way to network amongst each other.

There has been such a buzz that in recent weeks, three separate group meet-ups have been organised by the users (including a Christmas party) with more planned all over the country in the New Year.” The entire toyboy notion has been challenged over the past few years.

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