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If you've forgotten, this is the chapter after the party.

Oh, and I'm aware that I suck at writing in a guy's POV. Enjoy :-) NOTE TO THE READER: This is a BONUS chapter.

I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of sending everybody away; my only option had been to pretend I’d been prepared for this all along.

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A night spent with my drunk, clingy girlfriend doesn’t sound particularly tempting – and even less so when I’ve got a whole house to clear up before my mom comes home and kills me. ” I call after Charlotte’s retreating back in a pitiful attempt to defuse the situation.

However, she doesn’t respond, instead heading (a little unsteadily) to the door and slamming it behind her.

I try to soften my expression, but it’s difficult to mask the glare I want to give her. “Suit yourself.” She snatches up her purse from the couch, visibly irritated.

I know there’ll be hell to pay for pissing her off, especially when she finally sobers up, but I can’t deal with her right now.

If you're here straight after reading Chapter 14 of the original story, I strongly advise against reading this. I know some of you will do it anyway, but this chapter is NOT part of the original story.

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