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This had lowered the self-esteem within him that eventually made him hating to be the center of attention.

It was recorded as the highest ever debut for an independent artist in the history of Billboard magazine. Fame sipping in, he has been attending album signings and TV appearances to promote the album.

Under such publication and high motivation, Elliott can easily butter up his way to reign music industry.

"It's just the fact that I am out there promoting music I can call my own for a change," Yamin, who is currently on tour, told The Showbuzz. "I don't really have too many of my close friends that can honestly say they really love their job."Considering all the health problems Yamin has endured, his career achievements are even more impressive.

Yamin, who Simon Cowell called "American Idol's" best male vocalist so far, is actually 90 percent deaf in his right ear.

But as the show becomes more firmly entrenched in American pop culture, one thing has become increasingly clear: you don't have to win to write your ticket to fame and fortune.

Just look at non-winner Jennifer Hudson, who won an Oscar for "Dreamgirls," and Chris Daughtry, who is enjoying massive success with his new band Daughtry.

Elliott may be in the peak of his career but what he enjoys now was not even thinkable back then.

Born as Efraym Elliott Yamin on July 20, 1978, his name easily indicates his family background. His mother Claudette married a painter named Shaul Yamin that eventually became the father of Elliott and his brother Scott.

Having a mother who was a professional singer, Elliott quickly grew interest in the same field.

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