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Data Table("my Marked Up Container", my Column Defs, my Data Source); Implementers should note that form elements and elements attached to DOM event listeners may not be parsed correctly.

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and an internal Record Set object to locally hold data for the rows of the table.

The Column Set is created using the Column definitions passed in via the constructor, and the Record Set is created using the Column Set object and populated with data provided by the Data Source.

Users new to Data Table can skip this section and proceed directly to the Getting Started section.

Implementers who are upgrading from previous versions should note the following changes for version 2.6.0: Instead of copying and pasting the filepaths above, try letting the YUI dependency Configurator determine the optimal file list for your desired components; the Configurator uses YUI Loader to write out the full HTML for including the precise files you need for your implementation.

Please take advantage of the following additional features to further enhance accessibility: /* Supply abbr values for THs */ var my Column Defs = [ , , ]; /* Supply caption and/or summary values for the TABLE */ var my Data Table = new YAHOO.widget.

Data Table("my Container", my Column Defs, my Data Source, ); to a custom function that you define.

Please see the Column Keys Usage section for more information.

The second argument of the Data Table constructor is an array of object literals to define the Columns that are rendered into the table.

Column keys are also assigned as classnames to allow CSS hooks for customizing the UI.

Defining custom CSS for ".yui-dt-col-my Key" and/or ".yui-dt-col-my Key .yui-dt-liner" lets you easily define styles per Column.

If your Data Source markup that is already on the page, you can make core content available to end users who do not have Java Script enabled, while delivering a fully functional Data Table control to users who do have Java Script enabled -- all from the same code base.

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