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Contributing Male Member’s Profile: Unassuming, artistic, Asian-american, architect.

Humans may be unique in the animal kingdom but we are not unique because we kiss. More then 90% of cultures have kissing in their affection repertoire.

Actually the correlation was small but significant.

Add a little humor to your description of yourself by tweaking any stereotypes that may apply to you.

Try something like, “Blondes may have more fun, but being a brunette, if we have fun, I'll still remember it the next day,” or “I'm a manly man, but I will eat quiche on occasion and may even share the remote control once we get to know each other.” Most people want to appear as attractive as possible in their dating site photographs.

It turns out the random acts of kindness makes the giver happier but the recipient … A few observations: Re-entering the dating “scene” after divorce, I found the practice of the man paying to be much more expected now than say, 20 years ago.

I feel that this is somewhat of a generational shift in attitudes, with the tail-end baby boomers more inclined to split the bill, while the Gen-X[YZ] expecting the man to pay.

In case you missed it, author Gretchen Rubin has published the results of her year of trying out every conceivable thing that is alleged to make one happy. People who receive random acts of kindness feel suspicious! Hasn’t it been documented that those who as volunteer for social help organizations get as much or more out of the activity than the intended beneficiary? When women were assigned to the traditionally male role of approaching potential romantic partners, they were not any pickier than men in choosing that special someone to date, according to the speed dating study.

One of the victims of her research was the “random act of kindness”. Dawne- As you seem to be getting responses only from women, I feel it my duty to represent my gender, if not to speak for all us men.

For example, you might use a humorous and/or famous quotation such as, "Trying to be fascinating is an asinine position to be in" -- Katherine Hepburn. You might also try reworking a famous advertising slogan such as “Don't leave home without me.” Most online dating sites have a section where you can provide some information about your interests.

This is a good place to showcase your sense of humor.

The tagline is the short, freestanding phrase that typically appears next to your name when someone is scrolling through a list of prospective dates.

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