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(for FB clothing group comments, scroll down the page) Trench coats, ankle boots and capes: What the world’s trendsetters are snapping up on e Bay The auction site’s fashion creative director Andrea Linett says these products are the website’s top 2011 winter season searches thanks to their versatility. Trench coats, ankle boots and capes: What the world’s trendsetters are snapping up on e Bay By Hannah Rand Last updated at PM on 30th December 2011 About to hit the sales?A formula was worked out on the Vintage Clothing & Accessories Board by nouveauarts and me. It was determined that an average of 2635 numbers have been issued per year.

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There are plenty of trendsetters looking for one online.

Read more: Bay.html#ixzz1in U7l Sk I ~~~~~~~~~~~~ And ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When it comes to footwear, the ankle boot is another wardrobe essential proving popular with e Bay’s bargain-hunters.

Enlarge e Bay’s top searches for 2011 Top trends: e Bay found that the most popular fashion searches in London, Berlin and New York included ankle and cowboy boots, trench coats and capes They know a single pair will take them through winter, spring and summer – making it an excellent choice.

Fashion nightmare for Rachel Zoe as American Airlines loses her suitcase stuffed full of designer clothes Indeed, celebrity stylists such as Rachel Zoe understand the power of a double-breasted, belted cover-up as a transseasonal wardrobe essential.

And model Rosie Huntington Whiteley was styled in nothing else but a trench for the Burberry Body campaign.

Take your cue from the world’s top three fashion capitals before you do.

Savvy shoppers in New York, London and Berlin are snapping up trench coats, ankle boots and capes, according to research from e Bay.

If the company is in the database, you can find out who made or imported the garment.

Some older numbers may not appear in the database if they were not current when the database was created.

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