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Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and was director of the Philadelphia mint.

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The Malleus went through 19 editions in the next 2 centuries and provided a basis for gruesome tortures of people with deviant behavior.

King Henry VIII presented a deed of covenant granting Bethlehem Hospital to the city of London.

This original site is now located under the the Liverpool Street railway station.

Bethlehem Hospital, or "Bedlam," later became notorious for its neglectful care of people with mental illness.

century factory that has changed over to electricity.

Notice the power lines running across the front of the image.

Factory Updated with Electricity: Image courtesy of the University of Vermont Landscape Change Program and the Hartford Historical Society After 1911, reinforced concrete factories were constructed with concrete slab floors.

The use of interior lighting decreased the need for large exterior windows.

The priory was first used to house "distracted persons" in around the year 1377. Mary of Bethlehem, later to become Bethlehem Hospital ("Bedlam"), was taken under the patronage and protection of Richard Lacer, mayor of London, and the citizens of London.

The act brought to an end a century of "disaster, poverty, and failure." Pope Sixtus IV issued a papal bull extending the power of the Inquisition to Spain.

The Salem witchcraft trials have been the subject of commentary by abnormal and social psychologists. Tuke was head of the Quaker family that founded the York Retreat in 1792.

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