Dating an uneducated man

If you suspect that your man has a crush on your friend Sarah, and he accidentally asks if you had “buns” with Sarah when you were out with her, instead of if you had “fun” with her, this can be a giveaway.

Sometimes, it is simply impossible to censor all of your speech properly. [Read: 10 things emotional cheating can do to your relationship] #10 You just have a sneaking suspicion that he is becoming more interested in someone else.

Examples of this may include putting his hand on her back as he lets her walk through the door, or using any excuse to touch her, such as driving a point home in the conversation with a gentle touch of the arm.

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This could definitely mean that it is going somewhere else.

Side note, it may be time to bust out some scandalous outfits to get that attention coming right back in your direction! If your boyfriend is having mood swings that resemble a male period, it could be because he is emotionally frustrated since he likes someone else.

And two, it might clue him in to the fact that you’re on to him.

[Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl] #9 He makes revealing Freudian slips.

But when his eyes alight on someone who could possibly reciprocate his feelings, that’s when trouble can start to brew.

With the possibility of another woman snatching up your man, that crush can turn into a flame.[Read: Why would a guy with a girlfriend want another girl’s attention? Perhaps he has a crush on someone, and he is nervous that you will find out. So if he jumps like a Mexican jumping bean every time you mention something even remotely connected to his crush, he could quite possibly be hiding some emotions he has for a certain woman in his life who is not you. If he has feelings for someone else, he may be experiencing guilt.That guilt may be preventing him from making proper eye contact with you.Of course, there are instances when having a crush is harmless.One of those instances is when your man is crushing on a movie star or a Victoria’s Secret model.Be careful how you approach this though, because if you have no evidence and you accuse him of being in love with someone else, this could go over poorly.

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