Dating an exboyfriend dating shell gorget

I’ve seen ex-back scenarios unfold in a variety of ways—some that end in utter, massive heartbreak, others that end with a trip down the aisle.

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Maybe he cheated and that’s why it ended, but beneath that, there is more to the story. If you want to get back together with your ex, you need to understand the real reasons why you broke up and objectively assess if these are things you can deal with and resolve. Breakups don’t usually come out of nowhere, they’re usually the result of a buildup of many things.

Some problems simply can’t be solved and in those cases, you need to honestly decide if it’s something you can live with or not. And make-ups usually happen for one reason: you miss each other. You need to look at whether things can be repaired, and if so, how you will go about doing it.

Even though getting back with your ex might temporarily make you feel better, you will only be worse off in the long run.

You need to take a good hard look at your relationship and determine if being in it is truly in your best interest.

Obviously, things probably went south toward the end, but how did you feel the rest of the time? Beginnings are always easy and idealized; they’re the filtered version of real relationships!

) Did you feel at ease, like you could be yourself?

For example, if you felt you couldn’t trust him throughout your relationship and were always worried he was up to something behind your back, you need to ask yourself why this was, and why you think it will be different this time around.

Were you insecure, or was he not a trustworthy person?

Or did you feel constantly stressed and anxious, always on edge?

Did you feel judged, like you had to live up to some sort of expectation? Did you feel like this relationship helped you grow as a person, or did it bring out the worst in you?

In a good, healthy relationship, you’ll be accepted for who you are.

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