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Rather, it is merely recognizing that we have powerful natural inclinations for human love, inclinations which can quickly overtake our lives and drown out any chance of following a higher calling.It is recognizing the "still small voice," the thought, the seed, and allow the opportunity for this seed to grow and blossom, rather than shutting the door before it ever had a chance to open.In 2006, for example, Benedict read a letter written by a cleric who was killed as he prayed in Turkey.

There, two aides helped the pope down the few steps from the altar, but otherwise Benedict walked steadily and briskly on his own to the array of priests who sat, each with one foot bare, so the pope could pour water over the foot in a symbol of humility and service. Hellmut Schueller, downplayed the severity of Benedict's message and said the pope was merely asking for reflection on whether disobedience can reform the church.

Holy Thursday homilies are often unusual in that the pope uses them to issue direct messages to priests.

It redirects man's natural desire for marriage towards a higher and more perfect end; towards the mystical marriage between Christ and His Church.

When a mother explained this in simplified terms to her six year old daughter, the child responded simply; Although her answer may be somewhat simplistic, nonetheless it does speak a certain truth.

Saint Paul counsels us in the same manner; "Are you free of a wife? If you marry, however, you do not sin.such people will experience affliction in their earthly life, and I would like to spare you that." - 1 Cor 7 A good general Ignatian guideline, is to never make big decisions in moments of disquiet, but rather, to make them after long hours of prayer, when one feels most calm, at peace, and attentive to the Holy Spirit.

The Best Marriage It is therefore necessary during one's discernment to understand that religious life is not a "giving up" of marriage.Instead of marrying a fallible man or woman--who can never truly satisfy our hearts deepest desires--religious marry Our Lord Himself .Instead of raising children, priests and religious adopt every soul as their spiritual child.The pope, who turns 85 this month, has recently taken to using a cane and other devices to help him move during public ceremonies, and some observers have speculated that the less physically vigorous pontiff's leadership grip of the church might be loosening.But Benedict's strong call to priests to staunchly embrace church teaching on celibacy 'once again erases the stereotype of a weak pope who supposedly isn't governing the church,' wrote Vatican editor Gian Maria Vian in an unusually prominent front-page commentary on the papal homily.Saint Bernard of Clairvaux once estimated that about one out of three Catholics (~33%) have a vocation to the consecrated life.

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