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But not National Insurance - nobody told as to do it. (I heard that wrongly done tax papers could bring big troubles). Thank you very much, Gabriel Bart, thank you for answering. The only option for me and my girlfriend is the conclusion of cohabitation (it seems).

I did read somewhere that if you find a job within 6 months of moving into the country, you can be eligible for the ruiling but I am not sure. I am renting a 2 bedroom apartment in Amsterdam from a private landlord, and have been renting out the second room (with my landlord's consent).

The Air BNB income is essentially paying the whole rent plus bills on the apartment (an extremely welcome outcome given my regular income is non existent or sporadic at the moment).

Accountants are miserable, boring and unattractive. Acountants don't take days off, yet they have no job satisfaction.

I was at the comedy club the other night and after about 10 minutes of the comedian shooting accounting jokes at me, the people at the next table hollered over, "DON'T DO IT! " As I understand this is all in good fun, why the negative views towards accounting and accountants. xxx Optimistic Accountant xxx That stereotype always makes me laugh.

Or maybe I can just start start working even without vat number as a student? On one account was more 20 000 and on the second less 15 000.

Yours sincerely, Adam Dear Bart, It's tax season and I have made a mess. In both years I didn't work and me and my partner were living from savings. How to write it in the form M - there is only one account line for it. We are paying health insurance from the 1st day in NL. Because of lot of misunderstanding in the form and translation done by different people - is there possibility to ask for extension and do everything with tax professional? Is the 30% ruling applicable on salary 38k per annum for an expat below the age of 30 years? Is the 30% ruling applicable in case there is a change of company?

On the go and no time to finish that story right now?

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Are there no down to earth, fun accountants that like their jobs? I used to work in an accounting office, and a lot of the people there were the wildest party animals I've ever met.

Having swapped anecdotes with people who have worked in other accounting firms, it seems the place I worked wasn't unusual.

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