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The other reason is simply that I enjoy Christmas so much, I want to extend it as much as possible.To save all the celebrating for just one or a few days just seems like such a waste of joy. In fact, I haven’t even decided whether to go for a real Christmas tree or a plastic one.

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The Strictly Come Dancing professional recently insisted that she and her co-star husband are 'working on their marriage', but new reports have surfaced claiming the beauty is romantically linked to Stuart.

In pictures obtained by The Sun, Stuart and Karen have been spotted together on several occasions outside her home, with the duo leaving the house separately on Saturday morning.

Some are also asking me about “hooking up with a Swedish woman”. We have only lived here a month or so, and so far I’m happy.

I will tell you more in detail about our new place and other points-of-interest soon! Many of you remembered my birthday last week – thank you all for your kind birthday messages and wishes!

Kevin reached out to Karen publicly, as he admitted to the show's co-host Tess Daly: 'When Strictly is on I'm not the easiest person to live with. 'So I'd like to say first of all, thanks to my wife for putting up with me.' Prior to his public display, Karen had previously admitted that the pair's marriage is nothing like the perfect union it appears and that domestic fights often result in them sleeping separately.

Emotional: Kevin reached out to Karen, as he admitted to the show's co-host Tess Daly: 'When Strictly is on I'm not the easiest person to live with. Thanks to my wife for putting up with me''We're not a superhuman couple, we're normal, so when things happen, we fight,' she told The Daily Mail in August.'We fight about things like him not taking the rubbish out.

I think every figurine is hand-painted, and all of them as surprisingly well-made. It’s fun and it’s great for fine motor skills (super important for a bilingual child! I just finished reading Robert Galbraith’s recently published second novel called “The Silkworm”, which is the sequel to “The Cuckoo’s Calling”. Although, that might just be me having read too many detective stories over the years. Some people I know consider it poor taste to start Christmas decorating before December, but I don’t agree.

And on a different note, I just saw that Pantone pronounced the color of the year 2015. I guess now we’ll be seeing a lot of this brownish wine shade in fashion both high and low. Not a park or anything, but a real Swedish forest with deer, foxes, owls and creatures. I pretty much start preparing for Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.

We also used to have Little My, but she was the smallest of the bunch and the best one at hiding, so it’s been some weeks since the last time we saw her. Our Christmas tree is still up, spreading its needles all over the place.

These are from a Moomin advent calendar we bought this Christmas. And, to everyone’s pleasure, Santa keeps leaving small presents for Johannes under it to this day. Rowling, who writes under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith is a great storyteller, and while I thought “The Silkworm” was good, I kind of expected more of book written by her (I guess, starting with a clean slate with no expectations from the readers is one of the main reasons writers chose to work under pseudonyms! Somehow I didn’t feel much compassion for the main characters and, without giving away too much, I found the ending quite predictable.

He was wrapped up in a sleeping bag in the car but he had no other warmth; the fuel had run out long ago as he kept the heater running to try to survive as the thermometer plunged on some nights to -30C.

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