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The Times responded to Holmes, defending the piece and snottily concluding: An article on Jan.

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As a feminist who enjoys passing judgement onto others, I would say that these ladies are pretty shallow, except for the one who makes the point about how "money can't buy mind-blowing orgasms." She seems like she has a pretty good head on her shoulders.

Yes, there’s been a lot to suggest that economic downturns ends of “saving marriages” because people can’t take the financial risk of separating ways.

The DABA girls got a book deal because they know how to write, and because they’re young and good-looking. In fact, I would argue that such a book would be much more interesting to more people because more men and women could see some of their own experience in it.

This country is full of men and women with tragic stories, some thanks to the shenanigans of the DABA girls’ boyfriends and husbands, but how many of them will get a book deal? I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of tales of glamorous women in NYC; , etc. We’re in an economic mess, and I don’t really care about how difficult it is to date a banker–anonymously or not.

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It's not what I signed up for."The New York Times wrote a hilarious article about the support group yesterday.

And visit their blog Dating a Banker Anonymous to see more!

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