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CRISPIN GLOVER, WHO HAS BEEN ACTing oddly in movies all his life, would very much like to set the record straight.

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Glover’s more obsessed fans think that, like them, he must have had a dreadful childhood, filled with depressions, beatings, cruel hazings, alcohol-smelling kisses, zits, painful classroom erections, snobby girls, indifferent teachers and on and on.

This was never the case — though Glover wasn’t too fond of the way his dramatic parents always argued.

But the chair, it seems, is not what it is thought to be.“It’s just not,” Glover says, sounding aggrieved.

“It’s just an old medical chair I got for probably $100 at the Salvation Army in Santa Monica nineteen years ago. If it was a gynecological table, it would have stirrups on it.”That noted, he returns to his living room, sits, crosses his long legs, takes a sip of green tea, licks his lips, sighs, giggles his oddly high-pitched, nearly effeminate-hayseed giggle and says, “I must say, I’m exhausted. But it’s my nature to analyze and think about how things are.

Two years later, he won his first professional acting gig, in a stage production of The Sound of Music, starring Florence Henderson as Maria.

Glover didn’t start dating girls until he moved away from home, at the age of eighteen; a year later, he lost his virginity to a girl from his acting school, who committed suicide years later, “so that’s a little disturbing.” He has had his heart messed with in the past and in the present has said, grimly, that it will never happen again.

Lauren says that she knew nothing of Glover other than what his outfit told her, and that she was smitten by his obvious “bad-boy appeal.” They talked a little that night, and later on Glover called her up to ask her out on a date — an actual date.

Then they sit there in silence, in a warm absinthe glow.

“See,” he says, licking his lips, “there’s a woman in her volcanic garden, and you open it up to buffaloes looking over the scene. He excelled in English, history and creative writing, got along with everybody, and everybody got along with him.

And this was true even when he left Mirman, after the ninth grade, for three years of public school.

He’s been lots of things and owned almost all of them, with his Fagin nose and Alfalfa hair; with his twitchy starts and stilted postures. He very rarely curses, not because he’s against cursing but because he tends to abhor slang.

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