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As far as movies and TV shows are concerned viewers will get all six of the hilariously horrific "Leprechaun" films as well as 10 classic episodes of "Seinfeld." These episode include season sevens "The Soup Nazi," ranked as one of the single best episodes from the series.

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With the help of his friend and fellow hustler Charlie (Rupert Grint), the two pull together enough money to put a big bet down on Billy’s upcoming fight.

Unlike many other underground boxing matches where desperate gamblers hatch a plan to score big, Albert and Charlie are betting on Billy to win.

2016 series launch (1.96 mil) as well as its freshman average (1.8 mil).

With an encore plus streaming factored in, the premiere audience swelled to 3 million, down a tick from its launch’s 3.3 mil. In each episode of the series, premiering this summer, 10 male or female daters compete in four pageant-style rounds as they attempt to woo a mystery suitor.

She’s been beaten down by life, and her attitude reflects her surroundings.

Far less explicable is the presence of Sonny Castillo, a Cuban club owner played by Ed Westwick who’s tangentially connected to the story because he’s dating Lotti (Phoebe Dynevor), an ambitious operator looking to get paid — by anyone who can.

Vic is in prison after committing his life to conning, and Lily is on the outside, living off bad loans taken out by her son for their failing flower shop.

She has no illusions about her family, and while she’s not exactly pushing Albert into a life of crime, she’s not ashamed of her husband either.

Instead, “Snatch” (the TV show) builds on the idea of small-time crooks making big-time moves, whether they’re ready for the repercussions or not.

The first hour uses its time wisely by explaining why Albert Hill ( Meet Albert, the son of a thief (Dougray Scott) who’s been locked up since he was a young boy.

“This is the kind of unexpected storytelling that our viewers have come to expect and we look forward to breaking new ground with this new original drama,” said Eric Berger, Crackle’s GM and EVP Digital at Sony Pictures Television Networks.

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