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But, for those of you that want to dive straight in, I have outlined a brief overview of how much you can expect to pay for a website below.What I want to give you in this discussion, are advice and recommendations that I would give to paying clients – a sort of .If you opt go down the route of hiring a website designer then a basic site will cost you around ,750.

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All the hard stuff is taken care of so it’s easy to get online.

For a basic website you can expect to pay the following in your first year: *Squarespace is the only builder that doesn’t have a free plan, so to get the features you will have to pay a modest monthly fee.

Their experiences, technical skills, and broad product knowledge can help you…

If you are looking for a pricing chart for everything that has to do with building a website, there are plenty of resources scattered all over the internet (I do have a couple of pricing frameworks below, which we’ll get to later).

Whenever you are trying something new, having someone in your corner who has experience in the subject can really help.

This is why the value of designers or developers goes beyond just the surface design of the website.

After helping hundreds of businesses to create their websites, I’ve done and have seen a lot.

Having experimented with different website building software and tools, I’ve developed strong opinions about…

It can definitely be done since a lot of people have done it before.

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