Consolidating bacterial pneumonia dating cops bad idea

In some of them the old names are used and in some the newer ones.

consolidating bacterial pneumonia-24

Sarcoidosis is a systemic disorder of unknown origin.

It is characterized by non-caseating granulomas in multiple organs, that may resolve spontaneously or progress to fibrosis.

On the left a detailed view with the typical HRCT-presentation with nodules along bronchovascular bundle (red arrow) and fissures (yellow arrow).

This is the typical perilymphatic distribution of the noduless.

Assess the lungs by comparing the upper, middle and lower lung zones on the left and right.

Asymmetry of lung density is represented as either abnormal whiteness (increased density), or abnormal blackness (decreased density).

On the left you find three different lists of diagnoses.

Accounting for 80 - 90% of all diagnoses according to various literature references.

If the alveoli and small airways fill with dense material, the lung is said to be consolidated.

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