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Opportunities Optimized Search for Opportunities and Leads Improve opportunity and lead search performance by leveraging consolidated security conditions.

The conditions associated with the standard Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales VP, or the Sales Restricted User roles have been streamlined.

Application Showing More Content on the Landing Page Application Showing More Content on the Details Page This feature supports better alignment of content and layout, subtab labels, and scrolling of vertical subtabs for enhanced readability and user experience.

Enable the vertical space optimization feature with the ZCA_ADVANCED_RESPONSIVE_UI profile option.

To enable this feature, do the following: NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer browser does not support vertical space optimization.

Email Notification for an Appointment You can drill down to a task from a notification list and also mark the task as complete.

Actions for a Task in List Notification You can mark a task as complete from your email or navigate to the task from the email notification.

Overview This guide outlines the information you need to know about new or improved functionality in this update, and describes any tasks you might need to perform for the update.

Each section includes a brief description of the feature, the steps you need to take to enable or begin using the feature, any tips or considerations that you should keep in mind, and the resources available to help you.Similarly, you can directly drill down into an account from the account hierarchy to get a quick view of related accounts.Manage Account Hierarchy Relationships Subtab Steps to Enable No steps are required to enable this feature.Larger Display Available in User Interface Improve the usability of the UI by optimizing the usage of vertical and horizontal space on the browser.The application displays optimum content on the landing and detail pages to avoid unnecessary scrolling.Multiple Industries per Account Steps to Enable No steps are required to enable this feature.

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