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What role can history play in developing government policy?

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Any individual papers or panels not sponsored by our Network will be forwarded for consideration under the general call for papers.

The advantage of sending your papers through the group is that our two panels are more likely to be accepted.

As co-chairs of the Girls’ History & Culture Network, we invite you to send us individual paper proposals that we can organize into panels, workshops, roundtables, etc., or you can organize a panel and submit your proposal.

If you’ve already submitted a session or paper, feel free to forward it to us to see if it might fit into a Girls’ History & Culture Network panel.

20 minutes for 3 panelists; 15 minutes for 4 panelists).

In order to submit our proposals for panels by the May 30, 2018 deadline, we would like to have proposals by May 28.What is the future of digital history, and other innovations which seek to present history in new ways and make it accessible to wider audiences?How can academic studies impact the school classroom—and vice versa?How do we understand personal relationships with parents, siblings and friends?How do states, schools and religious institutions interact with children and young people?How do we write children and youth into national histories?

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