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The municipality has also expanded and annexed portions of adjoining Delaware County, Pickaway County and Fairfield County.Named for explorer Christopher Columbus, the city was founded in 1812 at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, and assumed the functions of state capital in 1816.The tribes resisted expansion by the fledgling United States, leading to years of bitter conflict.

Elections were held in April of that year, with voters choosing one John Brooks as the first mayor.

In 1850, the Columbus and Xenia Railroad became the first railroad into the city, followed by the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad in 1851.

The city became known as the "Buggy Capital of the World," thanks to the two dozen buggy factories—notably the Columbus Buggy Company, founded in 1875 by C. Bush presided over the Buckeye Steel Castings Company.

Columbus was also a popular location for labor organizations.

By 1797, a young surveyor from Virginia named Lucas Sullivant had founded a permanent settlement on the west bank of the forks of the Scioto River and Olentangy River.

An admirer of Benjamin Franklin, Sullivant chose to name his frontier village "Franklinton".

The two railroads built a joint Union Station on the east side of High Street just north of Naghten (then called North Public Lane).

Rail traffic into Columbus increased—by 1875, eight railroads served Columbus, and the rail companies built a new, more elaborate station.

After the American Revolution, the Ohio Country became part of the Virginia Military District, under the control of the United States.

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