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Instead I pointed out that, even if I wanted to -- which I don't -- I couldn't join.He looked blank, and prattled some more about the masons' terrifically modern outlook.

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He believed the name would appeal to movie buffs "because it says misunderstood anti-hero." To me it says psychopath assassin who fixates on 12-year-old prostitutes, but I'm picky like that.

First Date Reality Check Eventually, however, I reached the bridgehead of exchanging emails, and even agreeing to meet someone.

Later he emailed suggesting another fabulous encounter.

Unfortunately I had an appointment in a pit of tarantulas on the evening he suggested, so I was forced to decline.

He emailed afterwards to say he couldn't see me again because "you don't listen to classical music." No one dumps anyone because they don't listen to classical music, for God's sake.

Obviously I'm either hideous naked or rubbish at sex. Unable to endure the statutory hour of Making Conversation, I set a new record by leaving after 22 minutes, so desperate to get away that I couldn't even make up a transparent excuse.

The Worst Online Date Of All So it was all his fault that, in the gloomy belief that I must accept all date invitations, I met the worst of all: squat, coated in sweat, with no discernible neck, and two warts in perfect profile on the end of his nose. "I'm terribly sorry," I said to his warts, "but I'm leaving." After a lot of false starts, I met the person mentioned at the start of this article, and had a good year with him.

Six months down the line, my workplace is yielding as few new romantic prospects as always.

In this instance, I was definitely peering down as I queried his age (according to , he must have gone to university at age nine).

"I didn't expect an investigative journalist," he huffed, and stomped off.

Forget those demented TV ads for dating sites, where toothy zealots espouse the buzz of it all. Chance encounters with witty hunks are movie-only occurrences. Call me defeatist, but since I started working from home the opportunities for striking up amusing banter are reduced. I fondly recall the one who was a newly arrived immigrant, and spoke little English ("I am mostly improvings my dwelling unit") but was unusually keen to marry soon.

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