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I bought the new design/formulation in 2013 as I still loved it and got it cheap - same issues though - poor sillage/projection. If anyone wants the 2005 bottle I am happy to sell it - looks as if there is 50% left of 100mls?

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It isn’t something I’d wear to work or even on an evening out. It's cold and snowy right now where I live, so I'm still craving warm, cozy scents.

it reminds me of Rochas Man but this one is much better. I would say this is the ultimate Barbara shop powder scent. Honestly, this smells more like a massage oil or something you’d encounter in a spa.

But this is to me/on me is more of a 'clean' fragrance, and not the typical 'clean' male fragrance. And although this is mainly clean, this is a comforting scent, too. Not clobbering you over the head, let's go clubbing and dancing til dawn overtly sexiness, but very subtle, and a little sweet; not overpowering at all. the sweetness of vanilla is very relaxing not to mention the cooling effect of eucalyptus. Otherwise, I can see how some would love this, and not others. And Body Kouros would be equivalent of being nose fed a spoonful by a 5 year old in halloween costume. Body isn't a beast as far as silage and longevity goes, at least not in this formulation.

The sweetness is so subtle, it is almost not worth mentioning, but it is a little sweet, as well. I feel like it sits close to the skin, which is fine with something I would wear when I just want to smell soft and sexy, not like any particular note or flower... It is warm and sweet, but in a different way than contemporary clubbing perfumes.

Online shops offers: Fragrance UK 2 items for 34.42 - 36.43 GBPFragrance 1 product for 35.09 USDFragrance 2 items for 45.90 - 48.59 USDPerfume Click 1 product for 48.20 GBPFragrancedirect 1 product for 53.50 GBPEscentual 1 product for 67.00 GBPView products... Top notes are eucalyptus and incense; middle notes are chinese cedar and clary sage; base note is benzoin. Probably best for casual wear, great for staying indoors at home on a cold day. incense and eucalyptus very masculine as well dark and mysterious, has not even a remote resemblance to the original Kouros by the way. Yeah, I can smell the woodsy-flowery tone really far away, but this alien sugariness just engulfs everything. Lacks the density and body compared to those tones. According to Check Fresh, my bottle was made in 2016.* I was browsing at Kohl's and saw this on clearance. While I don't detect any spice or eucalyptus, I do get the incense and the benzoin, which makes it sweet enough that I don't feel like I'm wearing a 'mens' fragrance.

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. Yes, this is geared for men, but as a chick, I dig this and will definitely wear this. I actually do not pick up the smokiness here, perhaps if straining to sniff I might get a slight whiff. Body Kouros gets points for uniqueness, that’s for sure. Great longevity and projection and awesome value, I like to wear this on summer nights makes feel like I'm the man, less common which is a plus in my book as I don't want to smell like every other guy in the room, my signature scent! If - artificial sweeteners had a scent - then this would be it. I'd never heard of Kouros, nor do I ever wear men's fragrance, but there was a tester and I thought it might work for my husband. Someone else said it reminds them of Givenchy Pi, which I agree with, (I had an ex who bathed in Pi) although Body is much less sweet and cloying.

It is not for everyone and there are not that many people who wear it. Alright, so I tested the new BK and the DNA is the same as the original version, only not as loud as before.

The biggest difference is probably less incense, perhaps that’s a good thing though.

I feel grateful that most people who I cherish and connect happen to love Body Kouros (on me) as well!

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