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Pence and his wife were attending an evangelical church in Indianapolis. He voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980 but soon gravitated to Ronald Reagan, and to the Republican Party’s staunch opposition to abortion.

Years later, the break from Catholicism still stung his mother, Nancy, according to Father Davis, who has been the priest at her church, now called St. The governor also declined to be interviewed about his conversion, but he authorized his brother to speak about his family’s faith. His evangelical Christianity is now the driving force behind his political agenda, whether he is working to deny federal funds to Planned Parenthood or to make it legal for religious conservatives to refuse to serve gay couples.“I sign this law with a prayer that God would continue to bless these precious children, mothers and families,” he said in March, putting his pen to a sweeping abortion bill prohibiting a woman from aborting a fetus because it has a disability such as Down syndrome.

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But David Cooper isn’t lying when he says, “it’s just like grandma used to make,” because it is.

David learned to make apple butter at his grandma’s farm.

Today, the Cooper’s offer a complete behind-the-scenes tour of the entire production process and visitors get to witness the freshness, quality and care that go into every jar.

Afterward, David’s wife Miriam has plenty of tasting stations set up for sampling throughout the country store next to the production plant.

The walls, furniture, floors, furnaces and workbenches all show more than a century of service.

The place can easily double as a copper kettle museum of historic proportions.

He described himself for years as “an evangelical Catholic.” Friends say he wrestled with how to square his religious past and his religious future.“He was part of a movement of people, I’ll call it, who had grown up Catholic and still loved many things about the Catholic Church, but also really loved the concept of having a very personal relationship with Christ,” said Patricia Bailey, who became close to Mr.

Pence when she and her husband, Mark, worked with him at a law firm in Indianapolis in the mid-1980s. Pence’s wife, Karen, was also part of that movement.

Bartholomew, since 1997 and has grown close to her.“You could see Nancy just shake her head about it,” Father Davis said inside the rectory before Mass on Saturday. She had hoped he could find his way back to the church.”Others in Columbus who knew the Pence family were also surprised. (A federal judge blocked the law last month.)“Pence doesn’t simply wear his faith on his sleeve, he wears the entire Jesus jersey,” Brian Howey, a political columnist in Indiana, once put it. Pence’s days on Capitol Hill, he would not attend events without his wife if alcohol was being served. In recent days, however, he has not hesitated to hammer Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee: He has called her “corrupt Hillary,” mimicking Donald J. Pence returned to his alma mater in 2008 to deliver a commencement address, his speech built toward what he considered to be the most profound experience of his college career.“There was one other person I met during my years here who changed my life more than all the friends and family combined,” he said, referring to Jesus Christ. Pence as his running mate in Midtown Manhattan, they sat in the balcony of the theater-style auditorium there, standing and clapping in rhythm with the music. Gregory Pence said he did not see his brother’s turn to evangelical Christianity as a rejection of their Catholicisim, but rather as a reflection of the fact that he had different spiritual needs.

“They were just known as such a big Catholic family,” said Janie Gordon, a friend of Mr. Fellow representatives sometimes joked about the need to clean up their language when he appeared. Pence would not even engage in attack ads, having sworn off negative campaigning after running a particularly nasty and unsuccessful congressional race earlier in his political career. “Thirty years ago this spring, I embraced the truth,” he continued, before quoting a verse from Scripture. Pence and his wife often worship at College Park Church, an evangelical megachurch in Indianapolis with three huge video screens, colored spotlights and Christian bands. Several church members talked about their experiences of deepening their faith in God. Pence or the election, but one song, its lyrics flashing across the big screens, encouraged the faithful: “Set your church on fire, win this nation back.”It was a far cry from the wooden pews and kneelers of St. The two of them still pray together, just not usually in church.

Later, he bought a stirring pot and began making his own.

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