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Stop and look into the deep chocolate brown eyes, however, and the similarity is undeniable. While Cheryl is red-carpet polished, Gillian appears at home with her low-key lifestyle.

Cheryl flits between a variety of palatial residences – at the moment her boyfriend Liam Payne’s fortress in Surrey is her crash-pad of choice – while Gillian lives in a modest terraced house in their hometown of Newcastle.

Believe it or not, there’s a big part of Cheryl which envies her sister, not the other way around.

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At one point she was bound over to keep the peace for 12 months after getting involved in a fist-fight.

But while Cheryl found a way out of their tough council estate upbringing in Heaton, Newcastle, Gillian decided to stay with what she knew best.

‘But in that case it was more Cheryl looking after wee Garry than the other way around,’ admits our insider.

Now, in as rumours and pictures emerge of Cheryl and a very visible ‘baby bump’, the sisters are closer than ever.

Gillian, friends say, is ‘definitely a diamond in the rough’.

Growing up, she was every bit as beautiful as her sister, but was more likely to be seen in a tracksuit than a nice dress – and little has changed since then.

Our insider explains: ‘To this day, if there’s a big decision to make Cheryl will head back to Newcastle and speak to her big sister.

Gillian’s just about the only person who gives it to her straight these days.

More recently, Garry, Cheryl’s little brother, has been more of a fixture in her life.

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