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As Liam Payne's girlfriend flies out to judges's houses to offer her wisdom, it's easy to forgot that at one point, now-buddies Cheryl and Simon weren't on talking terms at all. "My falling-out with Cheryl came soon after her divorce [from Ashley Cole] and was a nightmare," Cowell previously told Radio Times. There was so much expectation on the show in America and I definitely wasn't myself.I was uptight." He explained that her confidence was knocked, and he barely recognised his friend.

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Not so for 50 Cent, actor and executive producer of Starz’ “I’m on the move again, Golden globe’s can suck a d—,” the Grammy-winning rapper, actor and somehow bankrupt business mogul wrote under an Instagram photo of himself staring at his phone screen, ostensibly captured as he was taking in the list of less Golden Globes nominations.

Jackson posted his displeasure with Kemp on Instagram following the show's 4th episode in which Jackson's penis is exposed during a sex scene.

Simon Cowell and Cheryl are joining forces once again.

Cheryl, 34, is teaming up with the music mogul to help him decide which The X Factor contestants to put through to live shows, giving them a chance to win the ITV talent show.

Jackson claimed he didn't know his penis was visible in that scene, but Kemp shot back that Jackson "signed the waiver like everybody else." Talking to Kimmel, Jackson clarified the situation.

If all the things that people had done to me I did back to people, I would be such a bitch.’ generation, but she came of age before the digital watershed and was among the first to experience the harsh fallout of the 24-hour internet news cycle that reached critical mass around the same time as Cole-gate.If you’d said years ago to somebody that you’d take pictures of yourself all day, they would have said you’re vain.’ She does, however, Instagram.I shy away from it, even though I know that’s what people who follow me want.’ Rumours always buzz around her like flies in season.50 Cent has joked that he’s happy to keep the rumour going that he dated Cheryl Cole. “Tell people I said ‘no comment’ with a suspicious grin. That’s a good one to have.” But the 37-year-old, who is gearing up to release new album, ‘Street King Immortal,’ in November, did confirm that he still has a good relationship with another major star: “I use Eminem’s ears.The US rapper, who was briefly linked with the Girls Aloud star back in 2010 following her split from Ashley Cole, told the Daily Star that he has no problem with such speculation: “Cheryl Cole, that’s a good rumour… Because her efforts to campaign against Instagram's censorship guidelines have not been met with much luck, Chelsea posted the recent topless photo on her Twitter page along with a message that read: 'Finding chunk.

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